Don’t leave town till you’ve seen the country

Remember the ad campaign from the 80’s – ‘Don’t leave town till you’ve seen the country’? …… It’s that time again!

Our new reality is the way New Zealanders travel and holiday is going to change dramatically. Disneyland, a winter break in the Islands or a weekend break over the ditch are just going to have to wait. Border restrictions are likely to be in place for many months to come, so seeing and experiencing New Zealand is the way we will relax and holiday for the foreseeable future.

 Let’s face it, there would not be one New Zealander who is not feeling the effect of Covid-19, so spending our money supporting New Zealanders and New Zealand businesses has never been more important.

 If I’m shamelessly promoting Off the Beaten Track it’s because we are a small kiwi business, owned by kiwis, run by kiwis, looking after kiwis. Our landowners are people of the ‘land’ and any tourism dollars that arrive back in their pockets is a good thing. Not only our landowners, but the small businesses in the local towns you pass through to get to one of our properties benefits from the purchase of that loaf of bread of bottle of milk. 

You may choose to enjoy an experience with a local tourist operator that is owned and run by kiwis, eat at the local restaurant or pick up that bottle of wine for later…………both kiwi businesses.

We are not Airbnb or, huge off shore global giants that do not pay tax in New Zealand or contribute to our economy. For every $100 a kiwi family spends on an Airbnb property, $30 or more arrives in a bank account somewhere in Silicon Valley.

If we ever needed kiwis to support kiwis and our businesses , it’s now. Every booking made through OTBT puts dollars into kiwi pockets, just as it should be.

So in this crazy post covid-19 world we will all be inhabiting, New Zealand is leading the way in our fight against the virus, lets lead the way to thrive after the virus….Think local, shop local, stay local, spend local and ‘don’t leave town til you’ve seen the country’

Kiwis helping kiwis, we got this!

Author: Off the Beaten Track