Michele’s Blog: Keeping Safe Out There

As I sit here in my home office like many of us working from home, and currently in Level 3 too I might add, there could be worse places to be locked down than on the farm.

I know the times we live in currently are very challenging for everyone, not least of all our landowners, who are facing cancellations and uncertainty around expectations on what they should or shouldn’t be delivering as a host.

I have mentioned before that my ‘day job’ is the owner of an event company, which is also an industry in real crisis and am constantly in discussions and monitoring updates for the latest in the expectations that will be put upon us to allow us to open up events to the country.

While the accommodation sector currently has no specific mandate in place in regard to the requirement of guests to be vaccinated, it is a question we are being asked more and more by our landowners.  The vaccine certificate mandate is crucial for us to survive in the event space, and so I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you what we know so far.

The vaccination certificate will likely be made available this month and mandating the event industry will enable us to require everyone who attends an event to be vaccinated.  As for other industries, we have already seen mandates introduced for teachers and health care workers, so we foresee this could come into effect more widely as the weeks progress. 

Until we have greater clarity for the accommodation sector, and the digital certificate is available, there is no way to verify the vaccination status of someone online. While the Covid Record of Vaccination exists through the RealMe/My Covid Record website, this still doesnt provide a verified copy of someone’s vaccination record.

Over the coming weeks, we’re developing options on the OTBT website which will enable us to identify properties which require certificates and those that dont. While we are traversing this uncertain space, our best advice (for those receiving guests under level 2) would be to continue as you have been with contact tracing through your QR codes, ideally remain contactless with all guests. If interactions with guests have to occur, wear a mask and maintain physical distancing. Adhere to the guidelines and best practise and cleaning requirements  (you can check out our safety tips here) and most importantly, please get yourselves vaccinated if you have not already Book My Vaccine

We understand these are uncertain times for everyone, and some of you may make the decision to temporarily pause bookings at your property until more certainty around vaccine certificates is provided, either way, we are here to support you and assist as best we can.

I will continue to keep you updated as we learn more in the coming weeks. 

Keep safe out there

Michele 😊

Author: Michele Connell