OTBT Team Dream Holiday – Jenni

Only thing she loves more than a BIG idea, is finding those perfect shoes on sale and having them home delivered!

Jenni’s pick is Idyllic Sun Soaked Getaway, Rabbit Island Nelson.
  1. What is your ideal accommodation stay?
    Usually a bach or house, something big enough that works for our entire family, my husband and I, 21 year old daughter and her boyfriend and our 2 younger kids 14 and 10 (who often bring friends), as well as having the option to bring our 2 dogs, always makes it a holiday to remember. I also do love to holiday somewhere a little luxurious, to really enjoy my break away in lovely surroundings.
  2. What do you look for when choosing your accommodation?
    We love to holiday by the water, but also have the comforts of home and have the option to chill out and relax but also have lots of fun activities on hand as well, for my active relaxer husband!
  3. What is a local activity you would consider partaking in?
    We will absolutely explore the Nelson Tasman Great Taste Trail, my family love being outdoors and getting on bikes while we are on holiday, and we also adore the beach, so will be enjoying Rabbit Islands 10 km of beaches as well.  However, our holidays are also about relaxation so I look forward to chilling out in the stunning spaces in the house, and enjoying that unbelievable view!
  4. What is your favourite thing about the OTBT location and why you would recommend it to others?  
    I love that it is so big and can accommodate our growing family of partners and teenagers and friends! It has amazing open plan spaces, but also great rooms to retreat to when needed.  Outside is just stunning, with  25 acres of Waimea Plains farmland and incredible views of Mt Arthur ranges…and to be able to bring our dogs to this wonderful place really tops off a fantastic holiday in a stunning location.

Find out more about Idyllic Sun Soaked Getaway here.

Author: Monique Webb