Staying Safe Over The Summer Holidays

Christmas is over and you’re heading away for your family holiday. Lockdowns and Covid feel like a distant memory. However, what happens if you or your family catch covid while you’re on holiday? How do you stay safe over the summer?

At some point in the future, it is likely many of us will experience or come into contact with covid. If you catch covid while you’re away on holiday in booked accommodation, it is very important to have a plan in place with your family or guests.

If you become unwell, seek out a test locally as soon as possible. If you have tested positive and need to remain at the accommodation, advise the property owner as soon as possible. You may need to organise an extension of your stay – and this may impact what you pay. Bear in mind there may be limitations to stay extensions due to summer bookings. Have a chat with the property owner and discuss the options. Consider who you will get access to groceries, medical supplies, and anything else you may need if you are experiencing symptoms and need to remain in isolation.

If you test positive and need to return home, advise the property owner as soon as possible. Confirm when you will be departing as they will need to arrange a covid deep clean once you have left. When you head home, try and make it a direct trip minimising stops to avoid interaction with other people.

If you are heading away on holiday, remember there is plenty you can do to remain safe. These are:

  1. Don’t leave home without your masks. These are required in many places within the orange setting of the Covid Protection Framework
  2. Scan in with your Covid Tracer app wherever you go to ensure you have a record of your movements – even if it’s to the fish & chip shop OR to grab an icecream
  3. Have your vaccine pass ready for any dine-in food and beverage or any close contact activities such as hitting the gym or heading to a summer event
  4. Have a bottle of hand sanitiser for any outing
  5. Be considerate of others. Lockdowns have been tough and not everyone will feel entirely comfortable about group gatherings, enclosed spaces, or even heading out for dinner. Service may take a little longer than usual and that is ok.

While covid numbers have fallen considerably the last week (which is fantastic!), just remember to have your family plan in place should anything change. Check out the Unite Against Covid website for further information on staying safe while travelling this summer.

Author: Monique Webb