Vaccination Requirements and Summer Holidays

As we head into summer, there are still many unknowns about travel, vaccinations, and what is all means for family travel. We’ve put together a few things to keep in mind when planning your summer getaway;

  1. From mid December Air New Zealand will require all travellers over the age of 12 to be vaccinated or provide a negative pre-departure test. You will need to set up My Covid Record, which is where the new vaccination record and certificate will be stored for each family member. We recommend getting this underway now so that you don’t have any last minute surprises!
  2. Once New Zealand moves into the new Covid Protection Framework aka the traffic light system, a vaccination certificate will be used in hospitality outlets, for events, and for group gatherings. When booking a restaurant, visiting a cafe, or attending an event, expect to show your vaccination certificate for everyone over 12.
  3. While there is still no decision on mandates on vaccination requirements for accommodation providers, expect that many property owners will be requesting a copy of vaccination certificates. This is their private dwelling and they are entitled to request this information. Some property owners will have a mandatory vaccination certificate requirement so its best to check this early before you travel.
  4. Have a backup plan and prepare for how this might impact your travel plans. We know its been an incredibly frustrating time for those who have been in lockdown since August, and how much uncertainty remains about summer travel. The new traffic light system provides more clarity on minimising covid transmission in the community however, it doesnt rule out future lockdowns or restrictions. We recommend having a plan in place should there be a lockdown in the destination you travel to. Consider how you might need to plan for an extended stay or how you might plan for leaving the destination sooner.

If you’re travelling with children under 12 and have some concerns, there are some key questions answered here

Covid has significantly changed how we travel and we must continue to adapt and plan ahead through these uncertain times. Additional safety measures to minimise the spread of Covid such as vaccinations, mask wearing, scanning your Covid app will all help keep our families and communities safe during this summer period.

Whether you’re heading away for a Christmas break, long weekends, or even day trips, we recommend being as prepared as possible for travel and for changes before or during your getaway. Stay safe and plan ahead these summer holidays!

Author: Jessica Vandy