We stayed at the Rewa Hut

We stayed at the Rewa Hut, which is nestled in the native bush in a valley about 45 mins away from New Plymouth City, with amazing views, lovely hosts and the perfect amount of home essentials and coziness.

As we arrived at the location, the hosts immediately came out and greeted us, along with two excited farm dogs. They introduced themselves and helped us put our things into the four-wheel drive to take us up to the cabin – we definitely couldn’t have done it in the car we took, but the lovely hosts are hoping to make it more accessible for people without four-wheel drives later on but for now they are happy to take people up and down. One important thing to point out is if you are wanting to really explore Taranaki this may not be the place for you. You are very reliant on the (wonderful) hosts to get you up and down from the cabin, and it is quite far away from the city so this sort of place is best for a “digital detox” weekend away, rather than a weekend of exploration.

The hut looks over the valley, and is open and inviting in every inch of it. When we arrived, we spent at least 15-20mins just taking photos of the gorgeous views and interiors the hut boasted. It has a kitted out kitchen (which has an absolutely divine view from the sink), complete with a toaster, jug, oven and fridge, and all the necessary provisions you may need (coffee, tea, milk, butter ect) It also has a big bed (complete with hot water bottles nestled in the bed to keep it warm no less) and a fire with lots of firewood to stoke up the fire to keep the hut warm. Once the fire is roaring, the little hut warms up super-fast and we found ourselves losing layers even in the middle of winter. The bathroom is lovely and clean, again, kitted out with everything you may need – Robyn and her partner Paul have truly thought of everything for this magnificent wee hide-away. The place is run off solar panels which is super cool, and means you have to be little nifty with how many lights you have on (we never ran out of power though) There is also wifi up there – although Robyn and Paul recommend to do a digital detox.

We went for the walk that was recommended by Robyn and Paul around the property and although we got slightly rained on (not their fault – it was the middle of winter after all) it was a beautiful walk, and got those arms and legs pumping. My ankles and knees may not have been fond of the walk, but my eyes definitely were. The views over the valley are insane. The hut also has a large outside couch where you can lay and stare at the views all day if you so wish (highly recommend, we ended up falling asleep listening to the birds and feeling the cool breeze on our skin outside after our walk.)

It rained a lot while we were there, but let’s be real; there is nothing better than being snuggled in bed, or by the fire listening to the sound of the rain on a tin roof. Bliss. We went back into civilisation for a wee dinner and a couple of drinks out, and on the recommendation of a friend, went to Snug Lounge which is a Japanese inspired cocktail lounge. It boasts lots of options for sharing platters and if you are interested here is what we ate: (I didn’t take any pictures cos I was too busy stuffing my face)

Bao Steam Buns with tempura eggplant, crispy kale and sweet chilli mayo. (2) Wontons – Pumpkin, butternut, miso and herbs (4) (I think these were my favouite of the night -heart eyes-) Crumbed Kumara and ginger balls (4) Tempura vegetables and Japanese mayo. (These were another favourite) Chilli Spiced Fries with Japanese Mayo.

Everything was delicious, and considering we had 5 sharing plates and two cocktails I was impressed by the reasonable prices! The staff were friendly and helpful and the food came out quick smart which is always a plus.

Then, because I can’t go out to dinner without getting dessert, we went to Fork N Knife for dessert. Snickers Peanut Butter Brownie with chocolate mousse and peanuts (now for a non-peanut butter lover like myself this was absolutely delicious) The peanut butter brownie was smooth and creamy and wasn’t too overpowering. Everything worked perfectly together. Jelly Tip Panacotta with coulis, vanilla bean, berries and chocolate shards – this was also incredible, just enough on the plate to satisfy your sweet tooth, but not overwhelmingly sickly sweet as well. Thoroughly enjoyed this as an end to our night.

Would highly recommend looking at heading up to Rewa Hut for a weekend get-a-way or as an excuse for a digital detox. The hosts Robyn and Paul are so lovely, and welcoming and we felt so special staying in their cosy hide away. Take a peek at Off the Beaten Track, and have a browse of all the other lovely spots there are around. You never know when taking the leap of choosing a random place to head for a get-away will turn into your favourite spot for years to come.

Author: Off the Beaten Track